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    "I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats" ~ Eckhart Tolle

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    Sep 30

    Peshmerga & YPG offensive in Rabia: more than 15 ISIS‬ Terrorists killed so far.

    Peshmerga forces also killed several ‪ISIS‬ suicide bombers who intended to attack Peshmerga basis in Wahda Village, Daquq district and gain control of 3 villages.

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    Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heart-Breaking

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    "Are you a Sailor Scout?"

    "I’m sailor Freddy Mercury."

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    the line is a bit old… but the color is fresh !

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    Sep 30

    YPG Special Forces killed 20 ISIS Terrorists & Destroyed 2 Duska Machine Guns in East-Kobani. Heavy clashes continue on all fronts.

    Besides, Kurdish YPG fighters damaged an ISIS tank and captured its driver alive, a soldier from Turkish special forces.

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    Grindr, a popular app for gay men, now carries an urgent warning for users in Egypt. According to many sources, Egyptian authorities are posing as LGBT people on various social media sites to identify and arrest homosexual people. The app is urging users in the region to proceed with extreme caution, especially when identifying themselves or arranging meetings/hookups. While so far the focus seems to be on gay men, all LGBT people in the area should be cautious. Reports show that Egyptian police have carried out violent raids on private homes which lead to the arrests of several gay men. These men were then subjected to disturbing medical “exams.” Police also raided an LGBT party last year, violently arresting many and sentencing them to up to 12 years hard labour. While homosexuality is not illegal in Egypt, athorities are using sexual deviance, debauchery and insulting public morals as terms for the crackdown. Many claim this fresh attack on the LGBT community is lead by President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi who wishes for his country to be more Islamic.

    For all of my LGBT friends here on tumblr, please be extremely careful as this situation develops. Remember to clear your search history, use private browsing if possible, and be extremely cautious with who you talk to online.

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